Oscar Dresses

Wow. 3 hours 47 minutes was one long Oscar night. Especially if you were one of those beautiful but unfortunate actresses to get the most important dress of the year wrong.

Here are a couple of pointers for choosing the right dress:

1. Dress for yourself. I hear lots of moaning about Ellen’s penchant for wearing suits. I loved Ellen’s suit. I might have ditched the shoes, but the suit was a keeper.

2. Color. Color. Color. The easiest thing to get right. Know your colors and stick with them.

Here are my calls from the red carpet:

Penelope was right on. Right dress. Right color. I don’t care if it is a great stylist or a genetically innate fashion sense. Hurrah for Penelope.

Gwyneth. Right dress. Wrong color. This is the perfect example of the wrong color destroying what was otherwise an absolutely fabulous dress. This color choice washed her out completely: instead of glowing, she ended up looking like a corpse.

Jessica. Wrong Dress. Right color. What a horrible dress. But I ended up giving her a bunch of extra points because that girl clearly knows which colors work for her.

Now our spotlight is on the Sasha Wrap Dress For all you girls with dark hair, or a slightly darker complexion, we make this dress in a fabulous standout orange. So, if you are feeling in a goddess mood, this is the dress for you because you will be feeling heavenly.


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