About Us

Daniela Corte still remembers the sense of awe she felt upon touching her first bolt of silk. Her father, a Buenos Aires based designer, had taken her with him on a trip to a textile warehouse. He handed her a fabric swatch to play with, and in doing so changed her world forever. Daniela was instantly mesmerized by the shimmery, velvety material and since that moment dreamed of creating clothes that instill the wearer with the very same sense of wonder and luxury.

Like most things - this didn’t happen instantly. But after receiving training in the family business, learning English, immigrating to the United States, graduating from the Boston School of Fashion Design, and working with several well-known Boston designers, her dream finally became a reality. In October of 2000, she assembled a team of fellow female Latinx immigrants and founded her eponymous women’s line.

She describes her team as full of “unrelenting perfectionists” who want to create the highest quality garments for their customers. And if you’ve ever sat in on one of their design sessions, you would instantly understand what she means.

In an age of automation and fast fashion, buying from Daniela is a truly human experience - each component, from the design, to the cutting and stitching of her clothes are done with love by someone she can name.

Daniela has designed every single item available in her store on a Moleskine sketchbook. She has a philosophy against mass-production and runs intentionally small batches so her customers receive truly unique pieces. All of her pieces are sewn by her lovely seamstress, Estela, and cut and pressed by her head of production, Carmen. If you stop by her Waltham studio you can meet both women. Daniela sources the highest quality fabrics from all around the world to create items that are not only ridiculously comfortable but timelessly elegant and long-lasting. And of course, her pieces feature a lot of silk.