It's a Jet-Setting Life For Me!

Anticipating my next flight, I instantly grab my
sleeveless lightning bolt dress in that great
Salmon color that compliments all skin tones
so well. It’s the ultimate travel dress!
Flying used to be such a glamorous adventure.
It was only a few years ago the stress began to
accumulate. I did not mind the longer waits back
then due to added security. I am never one to
protest the protection of my well-being. Flying
out to my next getaway, though, will be a procedure
more stressful then the DMV. Lines have grown past
what we could rightfully describe as an outrage,
and at $15 per piece of luggage what is a fashionista
to do? But there is my convenient lightning
bolt dress, small enough for a carry-on and
wrinkle free! Go ahead,throw it in and
start jetting!



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